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Message from the rector

Dear friends!

Welcome to the website of Gorno-Altaisk State University! Please visit not only our website, but come to the university as well. We are always glad to meet both old and new friends!

The world we all live in is rightly called unstable, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. It is sometimes hard for a person to survive at an era of change. We all, regardless of our age and previous experience, need to learn how to find right answers to the questions that life asks of us, and to challenge ourselves with new questions.

Gorno-Altaisk State University has glorious traditions, which help our applicants and students find themselves in a changing world, master interesting professions, build a successful career, and make new friends.

Our university will change and develop in order to help the ones who have committed themselves to the university or got in touch with it to reveal their potential and realize their talents. The main thing is not to get bored. If you study, work, and live with interest, then no changes will scare you.

Get surprised and happy with us!

Updated 07.04.2021 by N. Yurkova