Physics and Mathematics Department, opened in 1949 is one of the first departments. Now the department is a renowned regional center of science and new information technologies. There are four chairs at the department: "Mathematics and Computer Sciences Chair," "Chair of Mathematical Analysis," "Chair of Physics and Teaching Techniques of Physics," "Chair of Algebra, Geometry, and Teaching Techniques of Mathematics."

The Academic Programs of the Department

Bachelor degree 010100.62 Mathematics
011200.62 Physics
010200.62 Mathematics and computer sciences
050100.62 Pedagogical education, a profile
"Computer science" (correspondence courses)
Master's degree 010100.68 Mathematics
Postgraduate study 01.01.01 Material, complex, and functional analysis
05.13.18 Mathematical modeling of numerical methods and complexes of programs
04.01.02 Theoretical physics
01.01.11 Physics of the magnetic phenomena
13.00.02 Theory and training and education techniques
(physics, higher professional level)

Spheres of Graduates' Employment

Today graduates of the Physics and Mathematics department successfully work in research organizations, at enterprises of various kinds, in finance, in the bodies of state and municipal management, and in educational institutions.

Basic Research Directions

Mathematics and Computer Sciences Chair Chair of Mathematical Analysis Chair of Algebra, Geometry and Teaching Techniques of Mathematics Chair of Physics and Teaching Technique of Physics For the purpose of optimization of research work, the following laboratories were opened: Address: Socialist street 34, office #213, #217
Ph.: +7(388-22) 2-75-39
Fax: +7(38822) 2-67-35 (for Physics and Mathematics Department)