Faculty of Altai Studies and Turkic Languages

Dean: Cand.Phil.Sci., Senior Lecturer
Sarbasheva Surna Borisovna
649000, Altai Republic,
Gorno-Altaisk, Lenin street, 9/1, office 401
E-mail: surna@rambler.ru

The Faculty Altai Studies and Turkic Languages was created at the premises of the chair of the Altai Language and Literature on February, 1st, 2013. The faculty structure includes 2 divisions: the Altai Language and Oriental Studies and the division of Altai Literature and National Art Culture.

Internal and correspondence ways of study in qualifications of a bachelor degree and specialists function:

Master`s degree
032700.68 track "Philology", a profile "Languages of Peoples of Russia (Altai Language)" (term of training is 2 years, free of charge). The school is opened in 2011, at present 20 master students are trained here.
The head of the Master`s programs is the Doctor of Philology, professor Alexandra Taibanovna Tybykova.

Postgraduate study
The faculty of Altai Studies and Turkic Languages carries out the preparation of post-graduate students in the following specialties:
Languages of Peoples of the Russian Federation (Altai Language).

Folklore Studies.
Information for applicants see on the admission committee page

Faculty structure
Dean`s office
Dean - Senior Lecturer Sarbasheva Surna Borisovna.
Deputy Dean - Senior lecturer Kindikova Albina Viktorovna.
Secretary of faculty Sydykova Yevgeniya.

Chair of the Altai literature and national art culture
Chair of the Altai language and oriental studies
Training and scientific divisions
Research Laboratory "Altai Philology"

The Faculty of Altai Studies and Turkic Languages develops scientific relations with large universities and institutes of Siberia and with the recognized centers of Turkic Philology of Russia: BSU (Ufa), Sterlitamaksky branch of BSU, BSPU (Ufa, Bashkortostan), Volga Region Federal State University (Kazan, Tatarstan), Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Novosibirsk), TyvGu (Kyzyl, Tyva), KSU (Abakan, Khakassia). The faculty developed working contacts and signed agreements with foreign universities: Institute of Turkic Studies of the Frankfurt University of Goethe (Frankfurt, Germany), Khovd State university (Khovd, Mongolia), Xinjiang University (Urumqi, China), Tarazsky State University named after M. Dulati (Kazakhstan), Tarazsky State Pedagogical University (Taraz, Kazakhstan), Zhambylsky Humanitarian Technical University (Kazakhstan), Tarazsky Innovative Humanitarian University (Kazakhstan), Semipalatinsk State University (Kazakhstan).

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