The agricultural college was formed in 1930 as the Gorno-Altaisk Zoo-Veterinary Technical School. It was subsequently renamed Gorno-Altaisk Agricultural Technical School and in 1993 was introduced into the structure of GASU as the Agricultural College. The college structure is represented by cyclic commissions, which organize the work of teachers and students in various directions: agronomical disciplines and mechanization; zoo-veterinary disciplines; social and economic accounting disciplines and tourism; and general educational disciplines. Today the college conducts preparation in the following specialities:
∙ Agronomics;
∙ Veterinary science;
∙ Beekeeping;
∙ Agriculture mechanisation;
∙ Tourism;
∙ Economics and accounting.

Spheres of Graduates' Employment

Graduates of the agricultural college work in various areas of national economy: at process industry enterprises, studfarms, integrated poultry farms, meat-packing plants, in agricultural production, etc. College graduates also work for tourist and business enterprises in the regions of Siberia, the Altai territory, and the Altai Republic.

Basic Research Directions

The cyclic commission of agronomical disciplines

The cyclic commission of veterinary and zoo-technical disciplines

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