Faculty of Agro-Technologies and Veterinary Medicine

Surtaeva Lyudmila Ivanovna
649000, Altai Republic,
Gorno-Altaisk, Kommunistichesky, 50, office118

The faculty carries out educational activities in the sphere of higher vocational training on the basis of the state license N 5586, given out on 11/15/2005 by the Ministry of General and Vocational Training of the Russian Federation.

The Agricultural Faculty of Gorno-Altaisk State University prepares experts in the following directions:

On-site training:

"Speciality 110301"Agronomics", specialization "Land Management".

"Speciality 11502"Veterinary science", specialization "Treatment of Pets".

"Speciality 110305 "Technologies and Processing of Agricultural Production", specialization "Antler Deer Breeding".

"Speciality 110301 "Agriculture Mechanization", specialization "Car Service Centre".

Correspondence training:

Speciality 110301 "Agronomics".

Qualification of graduates:

"Researcher Agriculturist on a speciality 110301"Agronomics".

"Veterinary Surgeon on speciality "Veterinary Science".

"Technologist of Agricultural Production on a speciality 110305 "Technologies and Processing of Agricultural Production"

"Engineer on a speciality 110301 "Agriculture Mechanization".

The faculty prepares highly skilled experts for the large agricultural enterprises, co-operative organizations, country (farmer) economy, agrarian educational institutions and scientific - research establishments. Graduates of the faculty play a great role in management of the agro-complex of Altai Republic. Graduates of the Agricultural Faculty make up about 37 % of heads of the agricultural enterprises of the region. Many of them are heads of local and regional management of agriculture.

Scientific and pedagogical potential is made up of teachers, among whom 81,2 % have scientific degrees including 11,8 % of doctors of sciences and professors.

The contingent of the students trained at the faculty makes up 378 people of 1-5 years, 125 of whom are enrolled in additional programs.

In the system of additional education the faculty organizes retraining of highly skilled experts for large agricultural enterprises, city landscape gardening services, rent collectives, co-operative organizations, country (farmer) economy, and average agrarian educational institutions.

Postgraduate studies

Postgraduate studies at the faculty function on the following specialities: "Plant Growing"; "Veterinary Microbiology, Virology, Epizootology, Mycology with Mycotoxicology and Immunology" and "Pathology, Oncology, and Morphology of Animals".

At the present time10 post-graduate students are enrolled in postgraduate studies in different directions.

Scientific work

Along with preparation of experts of the top skills the scientists of the faculty carry out scientific work on vital problems:

Development and improvement of adaptive and energy-saving ecologically safe technologies of cultivation of Sudanese grass, fodder millet, amaranth, colza, radishes olive, flax, black currant, mustard, and other agricultural crops which are grown up in foothills and mountain areas of Altai;

Working out and perfection of technologies of cultivation of herbs in Gorny Altai.

The problem of complex studying the nature, natural resources of Gorny Altai and adjacent territories, and their rational use.

Ways of increasing economic efficiency of cultivation, storage, and processing of production of plant growing.

Monitoring infectious and invasive illnesses of animals;

Working out veterinary preparations from herbs and mineral raw materials of Altai Republic and schemes of their application in diseases of agricultural animals;

Ways of improving the quality of down raw materials of goats;

Ecology of microbacteria in the territory of Altai Republic;

Helminthoses of a digestive tract of sheep;

Helminthoses of antler deer.

Educational work

The faculty created a favorable social pedagogical environment for the development of a harmonious and creative personality. Annually the faculty carries out such events, as "Dedication of Students", "Harvest Holiday", and many others.

Agricultural faculty today:

- 2 educational buildings, a student's hostel, a cafeteria, an agrobiological station, an educational veterinary clinic;

- postgraduate studies, a scientifically-educational complex;

- classrooms, laboratories, a computer class, a library.

Information for applicants see on the page of the Admission Office

Faculty structure

The history of foundation

The Agricultural faculty was created as a part of the university in 1993 for the purpose of preparation of veterinary surgeons and scientific agriculturists for the Altai Republic in a close connection with the specificity of agricultural production in Gorny Altai.

The national economy of Russia for the first time got scientists-agriculturists and veterinary surgeons from Gorno-Altaisk State University. Almost all of them were in demand by Altai Republic and nearby regions of the Altai Territory.


The teaching staff keeps in contact with other research and educational institutions. Together with the Republican Ecological and Biological Centre there is a preparation of schoolchildren for universities.

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